General Parent Guidelines:

  1. Parents are not permitted on deck unless requested by coach. Please sit upstairs in the viewing area.

  2. Please, No distractions. Please avoid interrupting practice, except in the case of an emergency.

  3. Please avoid communication with the divers during practice. If there is something important that you need, please contact your child's coach.

  4. Please have your child bring a water bottle to every practice.

  5. If you have any questions or concerns please let the coach know so you can set up a meeting or talk with them following practice.

  6. Please make sure your diver is at practice on time and ready to dive.

  7. Do not fall prey to the “comparing game:” when, in an effort to motivate, a parent constantly compares the improvements of their child to the improvements of another. This is a Coaching 101 “no, no.” Children are naturally very driven by group dynamics and peer support; however, no person can control how well or poorly another person is doing in lessons. Comparison like this can only produce anxiety without solution. Divers can control how well they are doing compared to how well they can do, and the coach is generally a pretty sharp judge on how well the athlete can do from day to day. As in life, divers need to find our own rate of improvement that works most efficiently for them



Payment Information​

  • Payment will be due by the 1st day of each month. Payments are based off 4 weeks/month of practice. Some months will have 5, but we will have off during holidays and it will even out. Divers will not be permitted to participate until these payments are made without prior arrangements made.

    • Checks will be made payable to: Liberty Diving Academy

    • Credit card payments available online through parent portal


  • There is a one-time family registration fee of $30.00 when joining LDA. This will include a team shirt.


  • Additional costs include Membership fees to AAU Diving and USA Diving. AAU Membership is required for everyone once yearly ($14.00). USA Diving Gold Membership is required for anyone competing in Regionals, Zones or Nationals. Those members will be informed if they need to sign up.



Required Membership


During all team events, practices, and functions, athletes’ primary insurance will cover any and all accidents. USA Diving and/or AAU Diving will serve as the 2nd tier of insurance.

AAU Registration

How to Sign up:

-Go to

-Create an account

-Click “Get a Membership” or New Membership”

-Click “Youth Athlete Membership”

Sport: Diving

Coverage: Regular - $14.00

Term: Current Membership Year

Member of Club? Yes

Club code: WYBB5E

Once Registration is completed. Send confirmation to:

1521 Liberty Mountain Drive,

Lynchburg, VA 24551


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